Writing with passion.

Eric Langner has worked as a journalist and communications professional for over ten years. But even before that he was already interested in exploring the world in words. He looked after the wall newspaper at his grammar school in Rämibühl for example, and made his beginnings in PR as president of the Zurich canton schools film club, drawing in full audiences. After his studies at the University of Zurich Langner gained experience of the big wide world as an employee of Swissair, where with colleagues he founded the staff journal «“eSZpresso» for ground crew. He began his career in journalism in 1997 at the «“Anzeiger der Stadt Kloten», enjoying the benefits of the «“best journalists’ school» under editor-in-chief Alexandra Gubser. This was followed by a move to «“Brückenbauer», now «“Migros Magazin», and his subsequent entry into the world of communications through the Corporate Communications Department of the Migros Cooperative Association (MGB), headed by Maja Amrein.

In 2001 Eric Langner became independent, starting up his company «“concreat. content creation langner.» In 2004 he established the new company «“textexpress gmbh» with fellow journalist Elisabeth Moser. Besides the Migros Cooperative Association (MGB) its main customers included for example the Migros East Switzerland and Migros Zurich cooperatives, Hotelplan, Storck (Switzerland) GmbH, the SV Group, «“unique» airport Zurich AG, Swiss Life and Coca-Cola Beverages AG (CCB). Eric Langner also took on the role of Head of Communications for CCB temporarily until the end of June 2007. In July 2007 he established his new company eric langner kommunikation (elk).

Eric Langner has also been active as an author since 2006, writing books, plays and screenplays. The show «“Downtown –€œ die Musicalrevue», which he wrote with Markus Buehlmann, opens in Brunnen In December 2007.