Satisfaction is the aim.


(in alphabetical order)

Agentur Paroli AG, Zurich. “Animal News” for Animal Department/Migros Cooperative Association, issues 1 and 2/2006 (2006).


Anzeiger der Stadt Kloten: Articles (2001 to 2004).


Cablecom GmbH, Zurich: Concepts, advice, texts (since 2007).


Coca-Cola Beverages AG, Brüttisellen: Staff magazine “Refresher”, advice and texts (2004), mandate as Communications Manager (May 2006 to June 2007).


EB Adult Education (formerly EB Wolfbach): Online editing course, tutor in Online PR (2002), two courses.


Espace Deux, Zurich: Advice and texts “Fiori Leuchter” (2002).


Flowcube Communications, Texts & images “Alfex Newsletter” (2005), texts & graphic design “Migros Cooperative Association” (since 2007)


Zurich Airport/Unique, Zurich: Texts “ZRH Newsletter” (2005).


Migros Cooperative East Switzerland, Gossau: Advice and texts (2003 to 2006), concept & texts business reports (2003 to 2006). Texts Regional section, Migros Magazine. Staff magazine Zoom, Zoom Spezial/Personalfest (2005 to 2007)


Migros Cooperative Zurich, Zurich: Advice & texts; Press documentation and organisation of press conference, opening of Migros Center Bülach South (2005). Texts Regional section Migros Magazine.


Migros Cooperative Zurich/Klubschule: Text for brochure “Free space for relaxation and sport”, Golfpark Otelfingen (2001).


Migros Cooperative Zurich: Text for Migros Multimedia Service brochure and advertisement (2001).


Harebell Herbs, Ventry, Co. Kerry, Ireland: advice, texts (2007).


Hotelplan, Zurich: Advice & texts intranet content “Hauptsitz 2002” (2001-2003); Staff newspaper “POOL” (2003); live reporting on Intranet for 2003 Environment Week in Egypt (2003).


Swiss Business Association, Zurich: Advice & texts for revision of website (2002).


LAST gallery, Zurich. Translation and media work (2004 to 2006).


Löwen Kloten, Restaurant & Bar, Kloten: Creation and continual updating of website; (2001 tp 2003).


MediaX Publishers, St. Gallen: “Swiss Beauty Guide”, texts (2003).


Migros Magazine, Zurich. PR for products and texts (from 1999).


Migros Cooperative Association, Catering, Zurich: Advice & texts; concept & texts “Vegi View«“, news for Migros Restaurant staff, concept and texts “Vegi News”, Advertising features Migros Press (2003 to 2005).


Migros Cooperative Association, Logistics Transport, Zurich: Concept & texts photo brochure “Richtungsweisend” (2004) and model (2003).


Migros Cooperative Association, Corporate Communications, Zurich: Concept & texts, staff newspaper “M-Brücke«“ (2001 to 2004).


Oertli Service AG, Schwerzenbach: Advice, texts, concept, staff magazine “insider”, customer magazine “hot’n cool” (2007).


East region, Winterthur. Advice, communication concept, campaign & concept website “Lärmfairteilung” (2004 to 2005).


Storck (Switzerland) GmbH, Zurich: Advice and media work (2002 to 2006).


SV Group, Dübendorf: Texts & coordination “SV Journal”, the magazine for staff of SV Group (2005).


Swiss Life, Zurich: Texts & advice (2006).


Walter Meier (Climate Switzerland) AG, Schwerzenbach: Advice, texts, concepts, brochures, staff magazine «Blue Inside», customer magazine «Blue Gazette» (since 2007).


Weber, Harbeke Werbeagentur, Zurich. Texts for campaign “10 years Airside Center” for Zurich Airport/Unique (2005), concept and texts customer magazine “più” for Migros Cooperative Association- (2005 to 2006)


ZPRG, Zürcher PR-Gesellschaft, Zurich: Texts and images ZPRG events (from 2004).